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Things Are Not What They Seem

Have you ever thought this? You imagine things a certain way but really they don’t work out that way. We hope for the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner but there is always something that doesn’t work out like we had hoped.

We want everything to work out perfectly but things don’t always work out that way. Now Christmas is coming and many of us have already pictured in our minds how it is going to be. Many want a few inches of snow on the ground and they want a house full of children opening gifts and on and on.

Let me tell you it isn’t going to be like that. I know for Kelly and I that Christmas isn’t what it used to be. Years ago we had a house full of family on Christmas Eve at Grandma Zimmerman’s and everyone brought presents and we had a wonderful time eating, singing, and enjoying the company of many of our family members.

But it isn’t going to be this way this year. Grandma Zimmerman isn’t with us anymore. Kay and Dianne are both gone. Many other relatives have been gone for years. Josh is gone and it just isn’t what it seems. I think that these last few years that the wind has been taken out of both Kelly and me. Our family gets together but the group is much smaller. It only grows as grandchildren are added. The stress is up about 150% and everyone wants more and more and the money tree has died. That is almost like saying that Santa has died for some.

Well, I am going to stop my rant. Things just aren’t what they seem.

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