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Three Reasons People Don't Like The Bible

Many people can’t relate to the Bible because it is filled with stories that they feel is far-fetched. They feel they can’t relate to the Bible and so they dismiss it as something that doesn’t interest them.

The Bible is a book that covers history from years before we were on earth and many feel that they can’t relate to it. The fact is that when we look at the Bible it can help us see why we need to have it in our lives.

Think about when was the last time you read your Bible. My guess is that it has been a while or you just haven’t taken the time. I understand that maybe you can’t read the Bible through every week but you need to read from it everyday so you can get guidance from God.

1. The Bible Doesn’t Describe God Like We Think It Should

The fact is the Bible describes God just like he is. Our view or what we think God should be like doesn’t always fit into the mold we want Him to fit into.

2. The Bible Describes God As The All Powerful

We have a hard time believing that God has all the power that the Bible says He has. When God can speak something into being it is way beyond anything we can imagine so it is have for us to take it all in.

3. The Bible Speaks Of Right And Wrong As Facts We Can Know

We have a hard time accepting the facts of right and wrong. We like to color between the line and God says sin is sin and there are no in between. Either it is sin or it isn’t sin there is no place that give a person a place to fudge whither it is right or wrong.

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