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Where Has All The Time Gone?

It seems like time is just flying by and I don’t know where all the time has gone. It seems like a few months ago we were in January and now we and almost at the end of November.

Christmas will be here soon and I am not ready for it yet. I don’t like the cold weather. When I lived in Wisconsin I got my fill of the cold weather. Now I would just like to experience some milder weather without a ton of snow. Just to make it clear I hate shoveling snow.

I can hear my Aunt Joann talking right now. She is saying if you don’t like the cold weather then why not move to Arizona. I hear you but I can’t go from one extreme to another. I am just getting use to the milder weather we are having in southern Illinois.

Well, how about you? How has your year progressed? I think as we grow older the time flies by so very quickly. When you are retired the days and night get mixed up. I am up at the crack of dawn because I can’t sleep and then during the day I am wanting to take a nap.

Kelly and the girls keep me on my toes and they keep things moving. Khelienah and Jocelynn are full of energy. I wished I could bottle it and put it away for a rainy day.

Well, I hope you are going well and I thank you for dropping in and reading my blog. Just a reminder… I am still asking for letters for my “Dear Pastor Sam” column. If you have a question drop me an email at and I will answer it in my column.

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