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Just When You Thought...

It always seems that just when you think things are going to get better the bottom falls out.

These last few months of the year have been tough months. I am not really excited about Christmas. I do hope all the kids and grandkids have a great Christmas but I am not really looking forward to much happening on my end.

During these last two months of this year I am pouring out much prayer and fasting for our country and I am also praying extra for all my friends and family. As we look back over this past year we have seen a lot of things happen. Time just keeps on going and it doesn’t wait for anyone.

I don’t know how many of you have watched or heard about the series, “Making Of A Murder” that has been going on up in Wisconsin. I have watched the whole series and I believe this guy has been wrongfully charged for a crime he didn’t do. His new lawyer has compiled a ton of evidence and I don’t like to blame the police for planting evidence but I believe that is the case. The police took a young boy and turned his life upside down and I believe they got him to admit to a crime he never committed. Then the police put together evidence from this wild story the boy made up and made it fit the story. One of the prosecutors was removed and had to resign his position because of some illegal stuff he got caught doing on another case. I thought the guy was guilty until this new lawyer started working on the case and she has found so many holes in it. The state of Wisconsin doesn’t want to back down because this will be the second time they charged this guy of a crime he didn’t commit. It would make them look really bad.

I hope you will check this out and let me know what you think. Watch the whole thing before you decide. It is on Netflix and it can be boring in some areas but it stirred my interest.

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