Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I have a cousin who just took a job at a store and he keeps talking with customers about religion. So far he hasn’t got in trouble but I keep telling him that he needs to quit doing this as he is going to lose his job. He told me he is just warning them to get saved because time is running out and Jesus is coming again. What can I do?

Going Crazy

Dear Going Crazy,

God wants us to warn everyone that He is coming again but I do not feel this is the right time or place to do it. What will happen is they will be angered about it and complain to management and he will be without a job. Then he won’t have anyone to warn. Show him this letter and tell him that he can be doing more harm that help if he turns people away because he is going at it in a wrong way. The store he is working at is paying him to work for them and when he preaches to customers he is cheating them out of their time that they are paying him. This is makes those who want to witness to people look bad. Tell him he needs to do it on his own time.

Pastor Sam

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