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Are You In A Thankful Spirit?

It seems as if this year has just passed by so very fast and Thanksgiving is upon us.This month we have a lot of birthday’s.My sister has a birthday, my cousin Molly has a birthday, and Abby has a birthday this month.I am sure I am missing someone else but those are the ones that pop into my mind right now.

If I left you out pop me and email and I will get it on my calendar so I don’t forget next time.

I have a great deal to be thankful for this year. God has really blessed me with good health and I didn’t have a great deal of bad health. I had an episode a few days in late September but I made it through and I am back on top again.

I have a wonderful family which I am glad for.I pray for each of them during the entire year but during this time of year I reflect my thankfulness to God for them. Some have had some ups and downs and some medical issues and God has brought them through.I love each of them and pray for them regularly. I appreciate it when you keep me updated about things on Facebook and my email.

I hope that you will drop me a line at my Dear Pastor Sam column as I haven’t got very many letters lately and I don’t like skipping weeks because I don’t have anything. I know I have some regular readers and I do get other letters I don’t print but they just tell me they are reading. I do appreciate it.

I get discouraged just like you and I have my down moments and your letters are always encouraging. Just the other day I got a message from someone on my Facebook messenger that I don’t agree with politically. They just let me know that even though we don’t agree on politics that we are still friends and it was very encouraging.

We I hope you are encouraged today and please keep your spirits up and know I am thankful for you and praying for you.

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