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Here is a subject I have never covered. I wonder how many of you take your car to the dealer for the regular oil changes or is there some of you that do it yourself?

Kelly and I have owned a Sonata for years we have upgraded several times and we usually take it to our dealer for service. We don’t always do what is recommended but we do what we need to do to keep our warranty in tack. When I had a used car like my Pacifica I didn’t take it to the dealer. I usually take it to a locate Speed Lube or Zip Lube. Some are also called Valvoline and they usually do the same thing. What I do on my used car is I let them do the oil change but when they want to change the air filter I make the decision if I think it needs changing. One time I changed it after the oil change and the next time I went it they told me it was in terrible shape. Then when they found out I had just changed it they had egg on their face. Usually these services will try and push to replace stuff that does not need replacing. I know the tricks because I worked at a Zip Lube in Baraboo for a while when I was Pastoring in Baraboo. The manager wanted us to push extra stuff on the customer even if they didn’t need it. A very sad note is they are even worse to the seniors when it comes to these things. I remember a situation when an elderly lady brought in her car and she drove it very little but she brought it in on the date they put on the window sticker. She had only drove it 200 miles and they changed the oil and the air filter which that had just done at the previous oil change. They also scare them with wild stories about the transmission flush and have them do that too when it isn’t needed.

So I just want you to think about your car maintenance. It is very important that it be taken care of properly but don’t let them take advantage of you. Don’t drive over too much what the car manual says but realize they will try to scare you to think if you go over a hundred miles you will ruin your engine. The air filter doesn’t usually need to be changed at every oil change. It depends on how much you have been driving and where you have been driving and so forth.

I would encourage you to read your manual and see what it requires. You can expect that the manual will push for you to do some of the service sooner than it needs to be done but that is because they don’t want to you to put it off. If you don’t know much about car maintenance then be sure to stay as close as you can to what the manual says the manufacture suggests.

Just for the record I am not an expert but I did learn a great deal while I worked at the Zip Lube in Baraboo. I just don’t want you to be taken advantage of so I am encouraging you to be careful and make sure you are getting solid advice.

Ladies if you are taking in your car in get the advice of someone you trust and make sure they know what they are talking about and then be sure to follow their advice even if you are pressured by the salesmen at the oil change place.

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