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Are You Concerned?

I was wondering if you are concerned about the situation of our government at this time?I know what the Bible teaches and I know we are living on the last days.The way people are acting and reacting is just more proof that the Lord is going to be returning soon.

We have a situation where families are being torn apart by viewpoints and as the Bible speaks of this happening in the last days.The Bible talks about the weather changes and many other events that will happen in the last days and they are coming to pass.

It breaks my heart to see so much division in our country and I know everyone has a right to their own viewpoint.What I was not expecting is for people to act outrageous and do stupid stuff and some of them don’t even make sense.

We need to start praying for our country.My concern is for the families and friends who are being divided by these problems.I have many friends who are not the same nationality and we talk about how some try to cause us to not associate with each other and this is what I call racism.I am not a racist and I love my black brothers and I don’t want us to be divided by some who want to bring this issue between us.

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