What Do You Think Of Negative Political Ads?

In the real recent days I have been getting a host of political polls and many of them have been very bias. The reason I say that is they ask certain questions and when they don’t get the answer they want the re-frame the question and ask it in a different way. I called them out on it but they insisted that they were two different questions. When I asked them who they were polling for they were doing polls for the Democratic Party. They called them internal polls I wonder how these polls are going?

I told the person I was very unhappy with the Democratic Party as they asked the question and then they asked why and I clearly told them. They tried to get me to say that I was being misled by conservative radio people like Rush Limbaugh but I don’t listen to his program. I can just watch the news and see the way the people act on TV. It has really got out of hand.

The political ads have been getting dirty. I have to research to find out what is true and what is not true. I have found that they embellish and they fudge on some of the facts. This goes for both sides of the isle. I don’t condone my political party lying in their ads and I hate the way they bring out everyone’s dirty laundry. I would just prefer they leave it in the laundry room.

This year has been a real chore finding out who is lying and who is telling the truth. On their ad they post where they get the information and just for the record they are not always quoting the facts correctly. If you check them out they take truth and twist it to fit their needs.

The question is; is this right? If you want my take I say it is wrong. They need to major on what they are going to do and quit putting everyone else down. I also do not like these outside people putting negative ads to sway the vote. If you are gullible and believe all the stuff they are saying; you shouldn’t be voting. You need to research and make sure they are telling the truth. I was researching one candidate and they were claiming they couldn’t manage their checkbook and it had nothing to do with them it was a business that they happen to work for. They didn’t have any control over what happened with the finances so they shouldn’t have been blamed for it.

I hope you will be a informed voter and not one who is moved by every false ad that is put out to sway your vote.

I would sure like to hear your opinion. Please let me know what you think I would love to hear from you.

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