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Three Reasons People Don't Like You

In order to find out why people don’t like you there is something you must do. You must learn to like yourself. If you don’t like yourself then how can you expect others to like you? After you have learned to like yourself then you can start on these three things that will help you be liked by others.

1. You are too controlling

People don’t like people who have to control everything around them. Do you find yourself wanting to control every aspect of your friends’ life? They don’t want you to tell them everything they should do or shouldn’t do. Try to find a balance and work on doing some of the things they want to do.

2. You try to impress them with how much you know

Nobody likes a know-it–all and when you try to impress them with your knowledge of everything they are turned of by your attitude.

3. You don’t treat them like a friend

People like to have friends and when you don’t treat those you know as friends, the feel left out. Make them feel important and make them feel like you really care about them. Don’t be a phony friend. Show them the real you.

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