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Five Things Never To Say To Your Children

1. When You Were Born, It Was An Accident.

It could have been a good accident or a bad accident but you should never say it to any of your children. They will live with this the rest of their lives not knowing whether you really wanted them or not. This is not something you can take back later.

2. You Are Worthless, You Can’t Do Anything Right.

Many children today already have issues of a lack of self-worth and to say something like this only makes matters worse. You need to build their self-worth not tear it down.

3. I Am Too Busy To Help You Right Now.

You may be very busy to help them at the moment they need you but you shouldn’t use those words. Make a commitment as to when you can help them or when you can arrange time to do what they need you to do.

4.You Are Fat And You Eat Too Much.

Even if that is the case you ought to not make remarks about their weight whether they are too heavy or too skinny. Kids today are dealing with some issues of their friends making fun of them and when you are added to the mix it makes matters worse. Help them learn to eat healthier and show them how it is done.

5. I Hate You.

Hate is a very strong word and it will be very hard for them to forget it. You can say that you are sorry but you won’t be able to take it back. You can explain to them you are not pleased with the way they are acting but don’t tell them you hate them.

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