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Early Voting

This past Saturday we went to early voting. We usually never have to wait long as the lines are not bad but this time around when we got there about five minutes after they were open they had a very long line. This is not normal for our area and I take it as a good sign. The folks in our area are not pleased with the way things are going and they are getting out and voting this year.

Several of the folks standing in line were expressing how upset they were with how crazy the democrats have been acting. I could see that many of them were tired of the way they have been acting and they were going to express it with their vote.

I would say everyone I saw was voting straight red in protest of how the democrats have been acting. It is my hope that the numbers will grow and folks will get out and let them know that we are not happy with this kind of actions.

By the time we left the line had really grown and there was a very long line and the wait was much longer that I have ever waited since I have lived in Alton. I am taking this as a very good sign and I am counting the days until this election is over.

I have a few democrats I have voted for in the past but this year I didn’t vote for them as we voted a straight Republican ticket this year. I am sure that they will see the results of this when the votes are counted.

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