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Voting In Election in November

I think it is very important that we cast our vote in this upcoming election. I am very grieved at how some of the politicians have been acting. Durbin isn’t on the ballot this time but when he gets on the ballot I will not be voting for him.

We have a guy running for governor who took toilets out of his mansion so he could have it considered unlivable to get the taxes reduced. When he got caught he said he would pay it back but I see him as a criminal. The amount of taxes he was avoiding to pay was over $300,000. Wow that must be some really nice mansion. I don’t think we will pay that much in our life time on our house. Where do these people get off doing stuff like this? How can they still run for office after committing a crime like that? I know it is true as he said he was sorry and is paying it back but my question is; if a bank robber robs a bank can he have the charges dropped if he gives the money back?

Then we have a crook running our state house and I am not sure how they can get rid of him but he needs to go. He has taken our state government down the toilet. Probably the same toilet that the crook running for Governor took out of his mansion. He was real tight with the last governor that got sent to jail for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat.

We do have some really good locate people but most of them that are from the Chicago area are total crooks. Just saying!!

Well, if you have an opinion I would love to hear it.

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