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A Funny Experience That Happened In Church

I served under Dr. Jim Delashmit for over four years and I was a witness to many funny experiences during these years. This one wasn’t funny at the time but now looking back it brings a smile to my face.

During one of Dr. Delashmit’s sermons he was trying to illustrate how a child will freely jump into a parent’s arms because they trust them. While illustrating this he got up on the front pew in the church and jumped off trying to illustrate it.

Then he sat down on the front pew and preached the rest of the sermon from there. Nobody knew at the time but the reason he spoke from the front pew and didn’t get up was because when he jumped off the pew he broke his leg.

I don’t remember all the details exactly but he gave an invitation and ask Pastor Bill Stedman, the Associate Pastor to come and conduct the invitation while he remained on the front pew.

After everyone left a few of us came up to where he was to find out what was wrong and he said he couldn’t walk. So he was taken to the hospital emergency room and they put a cast on his leg. My memory is a bit foggy so if someone who was there too can fill in the blanks feel free to email me at skmartin7@hotmail and help me fill in the blanks.

It wasn’t funny then but it brings a smile to my face when I think about it now.

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