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The Worst Advice You Could Get About God

The person who is best at giving bad advice about God is Satan. Many of you say that you don’t listen to Satan or the Devil but your actions don’t say that. When you listen to him as he whispers in your ear is an example. He says things like, everyone else is doing it or just wait a few more days.

For the person who doesn’t know Christ as their Savior the worst advice you could get about God is when the Devil tells you that you have plenty of time so don’t make that decision now. If he can get you to put it off he has done his job and has just given you the worst advice about God you will ever get. He will tell you that God wouldn’t send someone to Hell like you. But wait a minute… God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, they send themselves there when they reject Christ as their Savior.

The worst advice about God that a Christian will get is that your testimony won’t be ruined just because you sin a little. Everything you do that is seen by others can affect your testimony. How many people will you send to Hell by your testimony? Don’t let anyone fool you, your testimony is very important.

So today live Godly and holy in this present world because there are many who are watching you and they will be affected by your testimony.

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