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I Am Sorry But This Needs To Be Said

We have two people running for Governor here in Illinois, JB Pritzker and Bruce Rauner.JB Pritzker as far as I am concerned is a crook. He took all the toilets out of his mansion so when it was evaluated for taxes, it would be taxed as unlivable. His assessment lowed that taxes a little over $300.000.00. I don’t know the exact number of toilets he took out but I believe it was over 10. It wasn’t until he got caught that he agreed to pay the money back. This is what we will be getting if he is elected. He tried to cheat the Illinois taxpayers. If you or I had done this we would still be in jail but he gets to run for governor after committing his crime. Bruce Rauner on the other hand takes no salary or pension for serving as our governor and has worked hard at trying to dismantle the Madigan machine that is robbing our state. He has been trying to dig us out of the mess our last governor put us in. He needs more time and if we put JB Pritzker in we are going to have a bigger mess as he supports the Madigan machine that is destroying our state.

Many of you will be going to the polls and you think just voting in someone new is what is needed. But he is the one who lies to our face and who will just continue the same old taxing helping Madigan out.

We need to give Rauner another term to work on this mess. We need to vote in more republicans so he can clean this mess up. We elected him but gave him the same democrats that have been ruining our state. This year we need to vote him in and give him support so he can get this mess cleaned up.

I am not one to usually say this but we need to clean house and get our state out of the red and into the black, financially speaking. Voting a straight republican ticket can do the trick. Some of you democrats want to save our state and this is one way to do it. I know it is hard for you to vote republican but for the sake of our state you need to do it. Give him the tools he needs to get this mess cleaned up. If you don’t it will be on you not me because I have warned you. I am sorry I have to say this I feel that God has lead me to share this with you and you need to heed the warning.

Now I don’t know a lot about our neighboring states but I believe that Missouri needs to put in a republican senator and Wisconsin needs to keep Walker. You are letting people dupe you into believing that they will change things when they will only make things worse.

Don’t make a serious mistake by not doing what you know needs to be done. You can make a difference in this election but you need to get out and vote and you need to put the right people in. It just happens that the Democrats are not the ones you need to put in this time around.

So my question is, are you going to do the right thing?

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