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Do You Really Believe In God

I got to thinking about this subject and I don’t really think some people believe in God. Now I have to tell you why I think this.

First off if people really believed in God they would change their course of action. People just get up and go about their business and they don’t really consider their actions.

If the bank robber believed in God do you think they would rob the bank? Wouldn’t they be concerned what God might do to them? Do they have no fear of God?

The person who kills someone doesn’t believe in God because they know God has commanded not to kill and they are disobeying His command. Either they are crazy or they don’t believe in God.

What about you and me? We get up out of bed and we go about our usual business and we don’t take time to consult God’s Word, “The Bible” and we don’t consult God in prayer on what we ought to do each day. Are we nuts? Do we really believe in God?

We need to consider what we are doing each day. God wants us to live our lives in a certain way and many times we aren’t doing it. Don’t you fear God when you disobey his will? Are you immune to know that God is in control and He can change our course of life in a moment of time.

Many don’t believe that God will drop His judgment upon us and if we don’t wake up He most certainly will.

We have people running around doing crazy things and when we don’t speak up we are condoning what they do. Discover God’s will for your life and take a hold of it and run with it. Don’t let the other people tell you what is right or wrong. God will put in your heart what is right and most people know right from wrong, they just chose to do wrong.

Take that and put in your pipe and smoke it!!!

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