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Reasons You Shouldn't Stress About Growing Old

Guess what? People have been growing old for a very long time and the best reason to not stress about growing old is the alternative, dying young.

When I turned 40 I was Pastoring in Baraboo Wisconsin and my birthday fell on a Sunday. On my 40th birthday on that Sunday morning the Church was completely decorated black. It was quite depressing and it seemed that after that Sunday I hated growing old and I stressed it.

It wasn’t until I resigned Pleasant View that I realized that stressing about growing old was a waste of time. Every time someone asked how old I was I tried to hide it. I began losing my hair while I was in Baraboo and by the time I left I had very little left. Some might say I lost my hair stressing about growing old but I don’t think that is the case. I think that the reason I lost my hair is because baldness in in my family tree and my Uncle Glenn passed it on to me. As far as I know he never complained about being bald and he lived a long life. He was a wonderful man and loved him and I miss him.

Being stress about growing old won’t change anything. You will keep growing old so all stress will do is upset you stomach. Relax and enjoy the time and live your life. Grow old gracefully and don’t let anyone take away your joy.

Here is a closing thought. Live your life that God gave you and trust Him to know what is best. Enjoy the time He has given you and don’t let others steal your joy. We have one life and so we must live it to the fullest. Trust God and allow Him to work in your life.

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