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Where Are Your Eyes Fixed?

Our eyes are an important member of our body. For those who cannot see they have a handicap and they miss out on many of the wonderful beauties of God’s creation. Because we can see it helps us to better picture in our minds many of the wonders of this world. For those who cannot see how can we describe the wonderful beauty of this world? Unless one has seen or can see how can they grasp such things as color, size, shape and beauty? We can explain to the blind person that the beautiful mountain is tall and covered with greenery with portions of the mountain covered with beautify white snow. But how can the blind person picture this in their mind if they have never seen something tall and they don’t know what green or white is as they have never seen the colors to be able to form a picture in their mind?

In our Christian life we must run the race of life and we have never seen Jesus but we must fix our eyes on Him as He is the author and finisher of our faith. Because we have never seen Him we have to form a picture in our mind from what we have been taught and what we have read in the Word of God.

Here is three different places our eyes can be and what happens when we put them there.

1. You Can Fix Your Eyes On Yourself

If you fix your eyes on yourself it will bring three things into your life. It will bring discouragement into your life. You will become discouraged because you will see all of your failures. That discouragement will turn to doubt. You will second guess yourself and question if you are doing the right thing or not. Finally it will turn to disappointment because you will fail yourself.

2. You Can Fix Your Eyes On Others.

If you fix your eyes on others it will create problems because you will see their failures. Those failures will cause bitter feelings because you can’t meet the expectations of others. Thus it will change your attitude and cause you to fail.

3. You Can Fix Your Eyes On Jesus.

When you fix your eyes on Jesus you will gain strength for His Word. His Word will make you strong. Then you will see that your walk with Him will be straightened. When our walk with Jesus is straight then we are going the right direction. When our walk is right we can expect that our future will be simplified and things will go smoother. So make sure you fix your eyes on Jesus.

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