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Best Of The Best

Recently the local newspaper started running a feature called the “Best of The Best”. I tried numerous times trying to get them to add Nurse Practitioners’ to the list. They refused to do so and so I will not vote on certain categories because they have left off many of the really good ones.

B & W Heating & Cooling was left off. They are the best heating and cooling company in our area. Dan’s Garage Doors was left off and his business is the best in the business. They left off so many others who much better than those listed. What about Mayor’s and representatives? La Casa Mexican is the best Mexican restaurant in our area but they were left out. Red Robin’s and Qdoba’s was left off the list too and they deserved a chance to get a few votes. Gas stations didn’t even get any kind of category. But they make room for liquor stores and bars. This who thing is a farce. My profession was left off too, Pastor's and Ministers.

I can tell you I voted for a few of these because I really believe in them but others I didn’t vote because they didn’t have any real choices. So when you see the winners it makes the whole thing a wash because it was not truly fair.

You ought to write the paper and express your thoughts on this. What a stupid thing to so. Better yet call them.

The more I think about this they really screwed this thing up. Whose idea was this?

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