Opposite Sides Of the Spectrum

How do you deal with things when you have family or friends who are on the opposite side of your political spectrum?

This is very tough because it can sometimes cause a division in the family or between friends. I will tell you how I deal with it.

I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. Usually their opinion is nurtured through those they associate with. When they are around people who share their political views many times they begin to take them as their own. They can be influenced by those they work with, their spouse, and even sometimes friends. Once they begin to form these opinions it is hard for them to be changed.

The sad part of this is that I think everyone ought to be allowed to form their own opinions and views but many times we try to force ours on them and they dig in and sometimes they can’t even see someone else’s view point.

In my opinion I am very opened to hearing other people viewpoint. I myself have changed over the years as I listen to others and then make a choice for myself. Some have a hard time hearing another viewpoint as it rubs them wrong. When they hear it they seize up and they have a hard time functioning.

If you allow the fact that a family member or friend does not agree with your viewpoint, it can bring division in your relationship. How you deal with it will determine how your relationship will survive or it will put a wedge between you.

It is my hope that you will not allow that to happen to you and your friends or family.

I hope you will feel free to share your thoughts and I welcome other viewpoints.

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