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Do You Think You Are Always Right?

There are a group of people that don’t realize it but they have a belief that they are always right. Every time someone gives their opinion these people come out and tell them that they are wrong and they just seem to always have the right answer. Are you one of them that feels you are always right?

I have to tell you that when Kelly and I get into a discussion about something we both listen to each other’s side. Now I have to say that people can have different opinions about different things and it doesn’t necessary mean their opinion is wrong. Everyone has a right to have an opinion.

Now there are other things that can be proven to be right or wrong. An example could be like the color of something. One day Kelly and I were talking and the way I remembered it was the car was red. Kelly said no it was blue and so it can be proven by finding the car and seeing what color it is. Usually about 9 out of 10 times Kelly is right. Why? Because she has better memories than I do.

But you have these people who think they are always right unless you can prove them wrong by the facts. Facts don’t lie and they always set the record straight. Some people are nutty and they try every which way to prove that they are right because they don’t like being wrong. And when you have the facts on your side you can be right.

Getting back to what I started with is the people who just don’t like being wrong. What I have found over the years is people like to play with the facts so they fit their narrative. Here is an example: Two teams play a sport and usually one team wins and one team loses. You think it is cut and dry. Person number 1 says X team won and person number 2 says Y team won. So an argument begins as to who is right. The paper says X team won the game but person number 2 doesn’t want to be proven wrong and so they fudge the facts. One of the refs called a completed pass out of bounds. If the play had been called in bounds they would have been able to score and Y team would have actually been the winner. So person number 2 says that X team didn’t actually win because of a bad call.

Do to the fact that the ref is the final authority on this call X team is declared the winner. So this makes person 1 the actual right person. But person 2 does not want to concede that they are wrong. Each person gets people who agree with their side of the issue to try and prove that they are right.

In the end the facts always prove the correct answer but the big problem is that not everyone wants to accept the other persons viewpoint.

There has to be a place where one person concedes that the other person is right. If you have two people who know it all and don’t want to admit they are wrong you have a real problem.

So I ask the question again, are you one of those who never wants to admit that they are wrong?

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