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Judge Kavanaugh

I wasn’t going to breach this subject on my blog but I have gotten several emails asking about my view point.

I watched the entire hearing where both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh testified about the allegation. I listened carefully and took neither side until I could hear both sides.

I did feel that in the first half when Dr. Ford testified that the democrats spent the large part of their time demanding a FBI investigation. The prosecutor who ask Dr. Ford questions was very polite and very understanding. It was only during that time that I felt that we got any answers from Dr. Ford. Her lawyers didn’t appear to keep Dr. Ford in the loop as she didn’t know that they had offered to come out to her in California. She didn’t know her lawyers were working for free and that they paid for the polygraph.

She told reporters that she was afraid of flying but when questioned she flew to the hearing and had been doing a great deal of flying in the past year.

She seemed to talk in a little girl voice that seemed a bit off to me. By the end of her testimony I felt like something did happen to her but I wasn’t sure by whom. I tried not to judge as I wanted to wait for Judge Kavanaugh to testify before I made a judgement.

When Judge Kavanaugh began to testify I could see he was extremely upset at the way he was being treated. If I had been in his shoes I would have felt the same way if the charges were bogus. He presented a very believable case and then the questions began.

The Senators on the one side began attacking him and I felt they went beyond what I felt was fair. They badgered him to the point I was getting upset myself. When the hearing was over I had gotten a clear picture of both sides. I listened to some of the comments by Senators afterward and then I sat down to mull over what I had heard.

Dr. Ford gave a very sincere presentation but those who she said could vouch for her said they could not remember any such thing happening. One of her friends said she believed her but didn’t remember meeting Judge Kavanaugh and didn’t remembering going to any such party. Dr. Ford didn’t know where the incident happened, when it happened, or where it happened. She didn’t know who invited her or how she got there or got home. I found out about the polygraph test. I have taken a polygraph test for a job I was working at and I was questioned for almost an hour. The person who did the test only asked two questions; this is bogus. My observation is that this might have happened in her past but Judge Kavanaugh was not there.

Judge Kavanaugh gave a very detailed presentation and had several things that he presented as proof that he wasn’t there. I was impressed by his calendar that gave very detailed information. I don’t think that Dr. Ford was ready for that as she never brought it up. She had no calendars or proof on her side.

The only reason I see for this circus act by those trying to find anything to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation is that they want to stall. Senator Graham said it plain and clearly when he spoke. That should sum things up.

If you have any comments to my post please write me I would love to hear from you.

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