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I Found A Lady Up In A Tree

One week I was out visiting in Baraboo and I found this lady up in a tree. I asked her what she was doing up there and she told me her son got his kite caught in the tree. I introduced myself and told her we had a bus ministry and was wondering if her son could come to our Church on the bus. She said sure and I have a daughter that might want to go too.

Well this lady from the tree sent her two children to our Sunday school on our bus. They attended our Church regularly for about six months.

On February 5th of every year we celebrated my anniversary of coming to the Church and everyone was encouraged to get me a gift. It wasn’t the kind of gift you might think; as what they were asked to do is bring a friend as a gift for the Pastors' anniversary.

Well, on this February morning the lady from the tree and her husband came to church. Her two children talked them into coming as their gift to the Pastor.

During the invitation both the lady from the tree and her husband raised their hand that they wanted prayer as they knew they we lost and without a Savior. They didn’t come at the invitation time and so when I was making bus calls I stopped at their house.

I shared Christ with them and asked them if they would like to ask Christ into their lives. They told me when they came home that Sunday from Church that the whole family had knelt by the couch and prayed and ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins.

Glory to God!!! I baptized this whole family a few weeks later. It all happened because I found a lady up in a tree.

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