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Four Things Christians Need To Stop Doing

As a Christian you ought to be an example for the young Christians and you ought to be someone that those who are not Christians ought to see as an example of a true Christian. Today I want to discuss four things Christians should stop doing.

1. Christians need to stop swearing.

Most Christians swear a little here and there but sometimes it gets way out of control. Younger kids pick up on this and they begin using the same word that adults use and many times they don’t even know what they mean. Sometimes we use other words in place of swear words but everyone knows what you mean. Remember you are an example be sure to set a good one.

2. Christians need to stop lying.

Many Christians tell small lies and think that they are not important but they are teaching the wrong thing to their children when they do this. Some Christians think that some lies are permitted but this is not true.

3. Christians need to stop doing things that set bad examples for new Christians.

Sometimes we do things that set a bad example for other new Christians. Young Christians may see you doing something and they follow your example and do it too. Because you did it they think they have done nothing wrong because they don’t expect you to do things that are not right.

4. Christians need to stop criticizing their Church leaders and Pastor.

When you say things about your leaders it lowers the respect of others in their ability to lead. If you are not happy with something your Pastor or Church leader is doing go to them and talk about it, don’t be critical in front of other people.

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