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Seven Life-Changing Events In A Person's Life

In our life we will experience many life-changing events. These events will have a big impact on your life. How you deal with them can also affect your health and your well-being. Some will bring on more stress and cause life to be more difficult and some will bring joy and blessing. Yet they will have a great impact on your life and will be life-changing.

1. The Birth Of A Child

The birth of a child is an example of a miracle of God yet it will change your life. It sometimes will bring joy and other times it will bring sorrow. Raising a child is a very difficult task in this day and age so it is important that you get it right. Having God’s help in this will be a great help in making it a good experience.

2. Marriage

Marriage is an event that will change your life which is ordained of God. As everyone knows it will bring stress into your life but it can be a good or bad experience depending on how you deal with it. Each person in the marriage must give 100% if they expect the marriage to last. Don’t get into marriage if you don’t plan on it being until “death do you part.”

3. Loss Of A Job or Career Change

When you lose a job or make a career change you will find that it has a serious impact on your life. It is important that you understand this and don’t allow it to hurt you or your family. It will affect you as well as all of your family members so be very carefully. It can cause many problems and sometimes it can push you over the cliff. If you need counsel don’t be afraid to seek help.

4. Financial Difficulties

This event can bring disaster to you household and sometime can destroy the family. Be careful how you handle it. Again don’t be afraid to seek counsel if you need it as this event has destroyed more families than you could imagine.

5. Death Of A Loved One

When you lose a loved one you will experience great sorrow. It takes a great deal of time to heal from this event and your live will be changed forever. If your loved one knows Christ as their Savior it gives some comfort but it will still hurt very deeply. This event hurts more than just the immediate family. Counseling is many times needed to deal with this loss.

6. Divorce

This event touches every walk of life and brings many difficulties to your life. It will change your life forever and affect your entire family. It is very important that you get help with dealing with this event. Don’t try to wing it alone as you will need help.

7. Salvation

This is the most important event in your life. It will secure your future and make your life better. If you haven’t made a decision to accept Christ as your Savior you need to make this decision now. This event will bring blessings into your life. It will not always make things easier but with God’s help it will help you in your life. Most important it will secure you a place in Heaven. This is one event you don’t want to miss.

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