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Safe Sin

Listen to these self-contradictory expressions: Cruel kindness, heavy lightness, clean dirt, tough love, devilish Christian, clean mess, and safe sin. Isn’t that a wild list of self-contradictory expressions?

In today days blog I want to cover the “safe sins”. I bet you have been wondering what are the safe sins so you can be a better sinner, right? Wrong?

People who base their goodness on what they don’t do would call their sin, “good sin”. Why do they consider it “safe”? They consider it safe because they base it on what they don’t do rather than what they do. They don’t steal, they don’t kill, they don’t do drug, and they don’t commit adultery so their sin is based on their goodness. The problem is that the Bible says “there is none righteous”. So is their sin real safe just because of what they don’t do?

Next we see what I call “mass sin”. The people who commit this sin base their actions on what is socially acceptable. Here is a few examples: everyone cheats, everyone lies once in a while, and everyone is doing it. So is that really safe just because everyone else is doing it? I always said to my kids, “if your friends go out in the road and pee on the road is that make it right? ”Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it is right. You won’t be standing before God and say, “well, my friend Johnny did it. ”That will be unacceptable and your excuse will not be accepted."

Lastly, we see the “little sins”.The people who commit them feel like they are different because they are little. It was just a white lie, a small mistake, or just a little evil. Well I guess I should break it to you that God judges all sin as sin and there is no “safe sin”. Romans 3:23“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”No sin is “safe” in God’s eyes.

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