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One Thing You Can't Live Without

When you see this subject title I wonder what you are thinking. Most people would say the things we can’t live without are air, water, & food. So for the sake of making this easier let’s say besides these three things.

If you were to talk with my grandkids they would tell you that they couldn’t live without their phones. Why is that? They communicate with it and if they need anything they ask Suri. If you don’t know who Suri is, she is a bot on the I phone who can search the internet for answers to your question.

If you were to ask a drug addict they would tell you that they couldn’t live without their next fix. Since the drugs have taken over their bodies they can’t live without them.

If you talk to someone else they might say something different. We all have things that we don’t want to live without. I can’t imagine living with my family and friends.

But the title of this post is the one thing you can’t live without. Really there is only one thing that everyone shouldn’t want to live without and that is the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He died for our sins and paid for them in full and without His forgiveness we would be bound for eternity in Hell.

That may not be what you wanted to hear but it is the facts. So think about it and ask yourself are you willing to live without it?

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