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Paid To Lie

In the past few months we have seen that people have been paid to lie about other people and some have been paid to protest.  For those who are accepting money to lie and protest are at the very bottom of the barrel.   They need to get out and get a real job.  The problem is they are too lazy to get a job and others are just wanting their 15 minutes of fame.

The problem is that what we use to call the 15 minutes of fame has turned into a month of fame because the media is promoting and putting these people who lie on TV.  What happen to the day when they made sure their stories were facts before splashing them across the news?  Now they don’t care they will take any story and run with it.   If it is proven false they will apologize or they will just sweep it under the carpet and pretend they never said it.

The channels you use to be able to rely on can no longer be trusted to give you the truth all the time.  Many of the major newspapers just publish false stories and they blame the authors for the fake news because they wrote the article.  What happened to the day when newspapers checked sources before publishing articles?

It is a very sad day that people have to be paid under the table to write these destructive articles and sometimes go on TV and lie.  How can they do it with a straight face?   My guess is that they tell the lie so many times that they begin to believe it.

It is very sad that these lies are destroying good people because many gullible people believe the lies at face value.   The honest folks won’t make up lies about these dishonest people to destroy their reputation so they get away with it.   How very sad.

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