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I Got A Surprise In My Mailbox

The other say I got a surprise in my mailbox. As many of you know I have a Dear Pastor Sam column on Saturday and I post the answers on my blog.

The other day I got a letter to Dear Pastor Sam in my mailbox. It wasn’t mailed it was in an envelope but it didn’t have any writing on the outside of the envelope.

I am not going to say any more about it because I don’t want someone to think they know who wrote it. I really don’t want to get anonymous letters in my mailbox like this. If you wrote it I answered it in my column but I really don’t want you doing that again as anyone could open that up and read it and I don’t want that happening.

I have enjoyed the column and I enjoy the letters I get. Most of them are email and I think someone of those who write make up fake emails so I don’t know who is writing me. I don’t save the emails and I won’t tell anyone you wrote. I also get some on my webpage in the comments and I delete them after I answer them so you don’t have to worry; I will keep your identity a secret.

It just caught me by surprise and I wanted the person who did it to know that I don’t really want you to do it again.

By the way, I wished I could print as neat as you did on that letter. I guess that was your way of hiding your identity. You did a good job because I didn’t put the printing with anyone I know. I threw the letter out so nobody else would see it either. Keep the letters coming to

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