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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I have a crazy question to ask you but I have read many of your other questions and you seem to not care if they were not questions a Pastor would usually be asked.

I have a camper that is in my back yard and it has been there for awhile and we don’t really use it anymore.  The other day I went out there by it because it looked like someone was living in it.  I found a homeless man in the camper.  After talking with him he said he had been staying there for about six months.

I told him he could stay a bit longer but he would have to find somewhere else to stay.  I don’t want this guy coming up to my house or him bothering my family.  What should I do?

                                        Just Call Me Bill

Just call me Bill,

I would be concerned for your family too.  Check and see what programs your town has for the homeless and recommend him to go to one of them.  Tell him that you don’t want a problem but if he doesn’t move on you will have to call the police. When he gets out you need to make sure that your camper is secured and locked.  You night need to move it or sell it if you aren’t using it.

                                               Pastor Sam  

If you would like to write Pastor Sam you can do so by sending an email to and asking your question.  Please note do not sign your name.  Letters will be published in this blog so you will NOT get a personal answer.

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