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The Map In Our Life

If you know me you know I am usually really organized. When I plan on being somewhere I am usually very early or on time, I am not one to be late. When I was Pastoring at Pleasant View I left an hour early. I can’t tell you the times I forgot something and had to make a quick run home to get what I forgot.

Two years ago when I was in Texas I was visiting my Dad and Mom. If I drive straight through without any stops except gas and bathroom breaks it is a ten our trip. During some of my down time I decided to see if I could find a route that was shorter and less time on the road. I sat in my car in the front yard as that was the only place down there where I could get a signal on my phone.

I took my phone and went on line and searched for closer and shorter routes home. After a long search I found a route that was shorter time and not as far distant wise. I made my plans to take that route.

I got up early the next day at about 4:00am and I hit the road thinking I would get home by noon. According to my calculations it would only take 8 hours instead of ten. Taking the proven route was put on the back burner and the shorter route was the up and now my new route.

I got down the road and then I took the fork that was supposed to be a short cut. I was making great time and the route was straight as an arrow.The road was smooth and I was beginning to think I was going to make even better time.

Then all of a sudden I saw a sign that said, “Expressway ends ahead”. When I got to the end of the expressway there was a road that wasn’t really bad that my GPS was taking me on so I wasn’t really thinking it was going be so bad.

After I drove on this new road for a bit all of a sudden my GPS wasn’t giving me directions because there wasn’t any phone signal. I tried following the same highway and then I was getting low on gas. Finally I found a gas station just before I was about to run out of gas.

After I filled up with gas and I got back on the road, I noticed I was driving through a lot of small towns and it was taking longer than I expected. The roads were no longer straight and I seem to be going in circles.

Finally I got a signal when I got closer to home and the GPS said I still had five hours to go and I had already been on the road for over six hours. When I finally got home it had taken me 11 hours to take the short cut that was supposed to only take eight hours.

So why did I tell you all of this? The map of life is like the one I had planned on my phone. It looks easy on the internet, but when you actually get out on the road the story is a bit different.

The journey out of Egypt for the Children of God looked pretty good until they got to the desert and the Children of God started asking Moses if he brought them to the desert to die.

When we make out a map that differs from the one the Lord has for us we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. The proven route that I had used many times before was still there, as I had used it going down to my Dad’s house. But I thought I could just go off the usual route and make things shorter. My Dad told me that the route wasn’t proven to be shorter but I didn’t listen.

Sometimes when we are on the road of life and we decide to take a short cut and God tells us that is not the right way. He can see all the detours that are ahead and if we wander off the path He has us on we will have serious regrets. If you are in God’s will and if you keep your destination as His will not yours, you will get there. We need to follow His map for our lives and then we get to the destination that is where we are supposed to go.

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