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What I Learned From Years Of Ministry

Actually you don’t really think I can put this all in one blog post, do you? I know I can’t but I just want to hit a few highlights.

1. If you don’t want to get hurt don’t go into the ministry.

In the ministry you are going to serve people and many of those you will serve don’t really care about your needs they are looking out for themselves. They will stab you in the back if they don’t like how you are leading. Not everyone is like this but you will always have several backstabbers. So you will get hurt it just depend on when. Many of those you feel are very loyal will turn on you the first sign of a problem. Of course you will have several who will always be loyal and support you but they won’t be the majority. Those who you love dearly who turn on you will break your heart and make you want to quit. The reason this happens if you want to be successful you must love your people and you must put your heart on the line. If your heart isn’t in it you won’t find any success.

2. If you aren’t winning the confidence of the people in first five years you won’t be successful.

You won’t be successful if you go into a new ministry if you quit at first sign of problems. You must work through them and the longer the ministry lasts the better chances it will be successful. If you plan on using a ministry as a stepping stone to something bigger you will fail. You need to plan on staying until God moves you out and you must work through difficult situations.

3. If your wife is not with you 100% you will fail.

You need the support of your wife to be successful. She must be willing to sacrifice as much as you and your marriage must be solid because there will be many storms during the ministry. Don’t expect your wife to fill all the vacancies that nobody else wants. Your wife should not be the nursery leader, junior church leader, or choir director. Again don’t expect your wife to fill the holes that nobody else wants to fill.

4. Remember you will be living in a glass house.

You should not live right next door to the church because the people will treat the house as the churches and you will not get the privacy you need. The best case scenario would be that you own your own home. Your life will be like living in a glass house because everything you say or do will be under the glass and will be criticized.

5. Don’t Quit When You Are Upset.

Quitting when you are upset or mad is the worst thing to do. Always take time to cool of and think things through. Pray about the matter maybe call a trusted friend and seek advice. Talk with your wife and make the decision with a clear mind.

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