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What Discourages You?

Today when I sat down to write my blog I started thinking about this subject and I began to wonder what gets people discouraged. After thinking about it for a while I had a few thoughts.

I think the media is bringing on a great deal of discouragement as they are pushing negative thoughts on a daily basis. They don’t care if what they are reporting is facts or fake news. If they have to apologize they do it at a time when nobody is watching so their fake news is taken as fact and the people don’t hear the real news. Most people listen to one or two channels on TV or Radio and they are being fed a line of dog poop.

I listen to several channels and I listen to both the liberal and the conservative sides. I have watched the hearings lately on live TV and they don’t lie. What I have seen is our liberal political party is making a joke out of our judicial system. They have no respect for our President or the people they represent.

I contacted those representing our state and they don’t give a flying flip what I think they say they are going to do what they think is right because I am too stupid to know what is right. Well, I think they are the ones who are in the dark. They can’t see how stupid they look and many who agree with them are just following them like blind people. I don’t like to discuss politics on my blog but this is just getting out of hand. Do they know they are acting like idiots?

I am going to make some folks mad and they will make excuses for them but they are acting like pure idiots and it is quite embarrassing. If you are someone defending the stupid actions of these people who have started acting like crazy people then I am shocked and surprised because I thought you had more brains than that.

I see people just repeat the talking points that every one of the political hacks are repeating. If you can sit and listen to this stuff and you can’t see that they are not making sense then I am afraid for you. My prayers go up for you.

I hate to say it but when illegal immigrants are treated better that our own American citizens and are given special treatment and then they say something like “if we make the illegal immigrants get a photo ID, they won’t be able to vote. ”Where does that idiot live?On the moon?

Just sit back and listen to these folks talk and ask yourself are they really making any sense? Let me know what you think!!

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