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Three Reasons To Remarry After A Divorce

Many people remarry after they have gotten a divorce because they have fallen in love with someone.  But some people decide to remarry for financial or material gain as their main reason.  If this is the case you are making a bad decision.  Here are three reason to remarry after a divorce.

1. Because You Are In Love. 

What better reason is there for getting remarried than that you are in love with someone?  Try not to make the same mistakes you made the first time and make sure that it is a marriage that will stand the test of time. Don’t rush into the marriage and make sure you are willing to make the commitment forever.  Marriage should never be a temporary commitment.

2. Because You Want To; Not Because You Have To.

Marriage should never begin on the wrong foot and if you are getting married because you think you have to; you are making a bad decision.  Make sure you have healed from the divorce because there are always many side effects that come with a divorce.

3.   It Isn’t All About Sex.

Sex sometimes can ruin a marriage.  Sex is only part of the marriage and shouldn’t be the only reason for getting into the marriage. Make sure you are willing to make the commitment of give and take because if you marry just for sex you will end up with another divorce.  Marriage should be forever.

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