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Why Is Access Limited?

Access is not unlimited to everyone for a reason. Why is that? I think that we know the answer to that question. People are very untrustworthy. If access was given to everybody to let’s say the store, people would go in when everyone was gone and take stuff without paying.

Stores don’t leave their doors unlocked at night because not everyone is trustworthy. I know that if someone gave some of my readers access to their store, houses, and etc. you wouldn’t take advantage but there are some out there that can’t be trusted so everyone is denied access because of the untrustworthy.

Years ago the church was left open so people could come in at any time and pray or meditate but now days most churches do not leave their doors unlocked because someone will steal from them. Is this sad or what?

Most every house has locks on the door. Years ago folks left their doors unlocked and didn’t worry about someone stealing but now we have to put up security cameras because of those we can’t trust.

Well, maybe you have some thought on why we can’t give unlimited access to everybody. Let me know what you think.

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