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Does Anyone Care What You Wear To Church?

When I was a youngster when Sunday came we put on good clothes. I usually wore a nice pair of pants and a polo shirt. Sometimes I wore a button up shirt. As I got older I wore a sport coat and a shirt with a tie. When I began to Pastor I wore a suit and tie each week.

When I was a Junior Church Pastor I tried to set a good example for all the young kids who were growing up. Many of the kids that came to the Junior Church rode the bus to church and their families didn’t have much money so they didn’t have a lot of nice clothes. I encouraged them to wear something nice and clean.

Then when I became a Pastor I wore a suit and tie because I thought that was the right thing to do. Most of the Pastor’s I knew at that time dressed the same way in a suit and tie. In my first Church everyone wore dress clothes but not many wore suits and ties.

I think some people care what you wear to church because they think you ought to dress up on the Lord’s Day. When we put on our best clothes when we go to church on Sunday we are showing respect to our Lord.

Now that was my opinion for many years but my thinking has changed over the years. I think many people go to church and they wear fancy clothes and they try to impress everyone with their nice clothes.

Today in many of the modern churches the Pastors are not wearing a suit and tie. In the church we attend the Pastor wears jeans and a sport shirt. For the most part I think he is the best dressed in the church because most of those in the congregation wear whatever. I don’t really agree with that but I don’t think you have to wear the best clothes in your closet. I think that your clothes ought to be modest. It always disappoints me when they come in with halter tops, short shorts, and other attire that I think is not appropriate. The reason they do is because the church program (as they call it) says come as you are. This makes the unchurched feel more comfortable. When staff wear clothes with holes in them and things that are not appropriate it sends the wrong signal to others.

I don’t think we should dress to impress others but ask ourselves if what we are wearing would be approved by God. Others who are unchurched and unsaved ought to not be criticized for what they wear. Like the bus kids I talked about earlier that may be all they have.

The first time I went to the church I am attending now, I wore a suit and tie. Guess what? I was the only one in a suit and tie. I felt a bit out of place but nobody criticized me for how I was dressed.

I think that we must be careful and not be legalistic concerning what people wear. Who are we to judge? Now I upset you, right? That wasn’t my plan I just think we need to use common sense. Don’t judge others because we ought to not be looking at what people wear but what is the condition of their heart. Some may have a broken heart or may need someone to put their arm around them and love them because they are lonely or feeling hopeless.

Well, I would love to hear your comments on this subject. Feel free to email me or leave a comment on the Facebook page or the webpage.

Thanks for taking time to read my comments and I will read yours with an open mind if you have any.

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