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Nike Makes A Very Serious Mistake

So have you heard what Nike did? They have decided to put their stamp of approval on the football players kneeling during the national anthem. In doing this they have just hurt their good name and now they are going to suffer the consequences. My question is; why would a company want to hurt their good name purposely and maybe destroy their business.

Already people have begun to burn their Nike gear and boycott the company. The NFL is already feeling the crunch as their ratings have gone in the toilet. It is my guess that as soon at Nike feels it on the bottom line that they will reverse this decision. I just hope they don’t wait as long as the NFL did to find out they made a bad mistake. If they let this go to long it might destroy the brand they had built in Nike. I would hate to see that be destroyed for something stupid like this.

I have seen many good sport figures destroy their good name for a cause that has no future and it may also destroy their livelihood. I guess they have gotten their heads bounced off the ground one too many times and now they can’t think straight.

I am thankful for a few of the sports figures who have taken a stand and are going the right thing. They are in a lonely place because they are standing alone but I am proud of them. It hurts to see them hurt by their teammates over a stupid issue.

This is just the first step that is being taken to destroy our country. We disrespect our flag, our president, and then our God.

I wonder when God looks down on our nation and sees all this going on; what does He think?

Well, I am going to tell you what I think. I am disappointed in those who promote this type of anarchy and it only proves that the coming of the Lord is coming soon.

If you are not ready for the return of Christ you better get ready as His coming is very soon.

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