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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On The Church

Most people think they know everything about Church but I am going to enlighten you to some facts you may not be aware of.

The Pastor is a sinner saved by grace just like you. He has thought problems he must deal with every day and he sins just like you. He has to confess his sins to God just like you do.

The Pastor wants the people to enjoy the service and go home challenged and encouraged. He doesn’t want to bore you and he really wants you to be truthful with him. Don’t lie to him and say, “Wow that was a great message” when actually you don’t know what he was talking about.

The Church isn’t after your money. The reason they take up an offering is to give you an opportunity to give something back to God. If you don’t want to that is your decision but you will miss the blessings of God. The Church needs money to operate but if you don’t want to help you can’t expect God to bless you or the Church if you won’t help.

Not everyone at Church is a hypocrite. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to be someone they are not. I can promise you that there are some hypocrites in Church but if you let them keep you from Church then they are closer to God than you.

There are people at church that are hurting worse than you. If you think you are the only one that has it bad you are mistaken. Count the people in the church and for every ten people you count there is one that has it worse than you.

The Church won't always be there for you. That is a very big mistake. The Church will try to be there for you but Churches are closing faster than they are opening. Your lack of support with your attendance, financial support, participation, and your support for the leadership will close the door. Don’t let the church close because of you.

Christians don't have to be perfect. If that was the case we wouldn’t have any Christians. Christians will fail but the great thing is that we can get forgiveness from the only one that is perfect and that is Jesus Christ. He had no sin, but He took on our sins so that we could have life. Ask for forgiveness and He will give it.

If you withhold your tithe the Church won't fold. The Church belongs to God and it will not close just because of you. It might if a whole group of people decide to withhold their tithe but it will close because God’s hand of blessing is off the Church not because you and your friends withheld your tithe. God can operate without your tithe but He wants to give you the opportunity to get a blessing. If you don’t want the blessing, that is up to you.

Pleasant View didn’t close because folks decided to withhold their tithes. Pleasant View closed because folks decided they didn’t want to experience the blessing of God. They were tired of serving God and they wanted someone else to do it. They didn’t want to change to make things work they would rather close than fix the things that were broke.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Church isn’t that the truth.

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