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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

I am a teenager and all the kids I know are having sex. I am a virgin but my boyfriend is pressuring me. He told me that if we used a condom I wouldn’t get pregnant. I know it is wrong but I don’t want to lose him. If I don’t have sex with him he will drop me and find another girl that will have sex with him.

Not Sure What To Do

Dear Not Sure What To Do,

Just for the record condoms are not 100% fool proof. That is beside the point. First off if he dumps you because you don’t want to have sex, he isn’t worth having. Boys will say anything to get you to do what they want. I can promise you when that boy goes looking for a wife he is going to want someone who didn’t have sex before marriage. They want someone that they can respect. If you have sex with him you will lose his respect.

Condoms usually help prevent pregnancy and diseases but you need to think through this decision. Also remember that it is wrong before God and is called, fornication. You will regret it the rest of your life. Save yourself for marriage you will be glad you did.

Pastor Sam

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