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Dealing With Your Critics

Dealing with those who are constantly critical of what you do is very hard. First thing I have found is that when people are constantly critical of you it is because they want to try to make themselves feel better and by putting others down it makes them feel better. Just because someone says you are a failure doesn’t mean you are a failure.

Different people have different ways of deciding success and failure. They also expect more of others than they do of themselves. Many times people set low goals for themselves but they expect more from other people.

So just because someone is critical of you doesn’t mean you are a failure or unsuccessful. It might just mean they are a bit conceited. So sometimes you just have to let it go in one ear and out another.

Don’t allow them to put you down and discourage you so they can feel better. Don’t give them the joy of putting you down so they can feel better.

Pick yourself up and know that you are just as important as them. Don’t let their put downs cause you to stumble. Stand tall and straight and keep pushing yourself to be a better person.

Many times they have something lacking in their lives and all they want it to feel better about themselves so when they put you down it makes them feel better.

I had a person one time that spent his entire time I knew him trying to make me think that I was worthless. He was failing in so many areas I won’t name them all because he isn’t worth it. Guess what? If you look at where I am and where he is you could really understand what I mean.

God has blessed my life and I didn’t have to spend my life trying to make myself feel good because of his put downs. I knew what my potential was and he ended up in the gutter. I didn’t have to put him there he put himself there.

Stand up and be proud of what you have accomplished and don’t allow yourself to be dragged down by your critics. Stand tall and allow God to do His work in your life.

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