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AT&T Says BOGO Doesn't Mean Buy One Get One

I have been spending a great deal of time on the phone with AT&T and now they tell me that BOGO doesn’t mean Buy One Get One. So we bought an I Phone X and we were supposed to get an I Phone 8. As soon as we got the phone they began billing us for the phone and they billed us for service on the phone. We didn’t know that we had service on the phone until we got the bill. So we actually had another phone number and didn’t know it because they didn’t tell us. When we got the phone they never told us that we had service on it or what the number was. We told the salesman we were using it as a backup phone in case one of or other phones were not working properly.

Now they are telling me that we have to pay for the phone and they will refund money after we pay for it and we will pay $800.00 and they will refund $700.00. Does that sound like a BOGO to you? That sounds like we are getting taken to the cleaners.

To be honest we have gotten good cell service with AT&T but customer service is not as good. When we got the phones they just gave us the phones and we didn’t even know that the FREE one had service on it. Actually it wasn’t free we have to pay for it first and they will refund our money back minus $100.00. How do they get away with stuff like this?

The customer service representative on the phone told me more about the service than the salesman at the store did. I also talked to a supervisor because the normal representative I was talking to gave up on trying to resolve my problem.

I was wondering if anyone else out there of those reading my blog ever had dealings with this problem. If so, how did you resolve it or what did you do?

I greatly appreciate any information you can give me. I am at my wits end and I am a bit stressed about it.

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