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Prayer Today For You

Today I spent some time praying for my family.  I prayed for my parents and my siblings. I prayed that God would give them a good day and refresh them and encourage them. I prayed that God would give them strength and good health.

Then I prayed for my Facebook friends.  What I do is go through the list of friends I have and pray for each of them each by name.  I pray for their families and I ask God to give them good health and refresh their spirits.  I have all kinds of friends and some I don’t know if they are Christians so I pray for their salvation.

I have some other family members that aren’t on my Facebook that I pray for too.  I can’t remember them all but I ask God to bring them to my mind and I pray for them.  For some reason God but my cousin Jack Simons on my mind and I prayed a special prayer for him and his family.

God also laid on my heart to pray for my dear friend, Pastor Joe Fletcher.  I haven’t had much contact with him since I left Pleasant View but God laid him on my heart so I prayed for him and asked God to give him some added strength today.

I guess I shouldn’t keep mentioning names because someone will think I missed them.  I prayed for each of you by name.  I write this blog later after I have prayed and sometimes I can’t recall all of you and mention you on here.

I have many from Pleasant View who are not on my Facebook and I pray for each of them.  I appreciated the years I spent at Pleasant View and each of these folks mean so much to me.

Well, I have to go.  Have a great day and may God richly bless you today.

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