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Seven Things To Do When The Storm Doesn't Make Sense

When we go through storms we many times ask ourselves, why?We question God as to why we have to go through these hard times while other unbelievers seem to be passed by. In Matthew 14:22-33 the disciples were doing exactly what Jesus had told them to do.  Many think that our storms come because of disobedience but that is not the fact as we can see from this scripture that you can do exactly as commanded and storms may still come.  What we can learn is that during the storms that Jesus will speak to us in His small still voice.

1. We must do what Jesus commands even when it doesn’t make sense.

We may not understand why Jesus may ask us to do something that doesn’t make sense, but we still need to do it.  What makes sense to us and what makes sense to Him may be two different things.

2. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus during the storm.

If we don’t keep our eyes focused we may lose sight of what is really important.  We will fall or fail because our eyes are not where they should be.

3. We will see God’s power when we get out of the boat.

When we stay in where we think it is safe we can’t see God’s power.  We must by faith step out of our safe haven and do what God commands so we can see His power.

4. When we take our eyes off Jesus we will realize we can’t do it on our own.

When we take our eyes off Jesus we think we can do it on our own and we can’t.  When we look at something else we find out that we can’t do it without Jesus.

5.  Jesus will be there in the storm to walk with you when you cry out for His help.

When you are walking in the storm if you cry out Jesus will be there to help you.  He just wants you to know that it is Him who has the power, not you.

6. You will really know who Jesus really is after the storm.

After the storm is over you will really know who Jesus and what He can do for you.  You will be closer to Him and know Him much better.

7. Jesus never promised to take away the storm but to walk with you through the storm.

When we go through storms Jesus won’t take them away but He will walk with us through them.  Don’t expect Him to remove your storms but know He will walk with you through them.

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