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The Devil's Toolbox

The Devil has many tools in his tool box that he will use on you to try and make you ineffective. In my blog today I would like to look at these tools.

First we have “Hammer of Criticism”. He loves to use this tool on Christians because it can do a lot of harm in getting the work done that God has for us to do. When Christian brothers and sisters are critical of each other or for that matter critical of the Pastor or the Church I can do more harm than we realize. As a Pastor I can’t name the times I have heard people talking behind my back murmuring and complaining about one thing or another. They didn’t like the color of the carpet, they didn’t agree with who was put in charge of this or that, someone was unhappy that someone was asked to sing instead of them, or they thought someone was not qualified to teach Sunday School. Satan just loves to use the “Hammer of Criticism” to get the brothers and sisters fighting among themselves.

The second tool Satan loves to use is the “Chisel of Neglect”. If there is anything he would like to do it is stall because he knows his days are limited. Don’t go out soulwining today because it is nasty outside, wait until the weather clears up. Don’t volunteer now because this is a busy time of year and you’ll miss out on all the things everyone is doing. So he just wants you to neglect things for a while and then it might be too late.

The third tool Satan loves to use on the believers is the “Saw of Unbelief”. If he can convince you to doubt he has won a great victory. He will cause you to not believe that you can accomplish the job that God has given you and if he can do that he can put a damper on the Lord’s work.

The fourth tool that Satan will use is the “Level of Discouragement”. When a Christian gets discouraged they are not effective in getting the job done. It moves everything back and that is just what the devil wants.

Don’t let Satan use this toolbox to make you an ineffective Christian in the service of the Lord.

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