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My New Desk

Kelly got me a new desk for the living room as I was using the dining room table during the day with my laptop.  It is a bit more convenient to work on my blog down here and if the girls are here I can still watch them and not miss a beat.

It was a major job getting the desk together.  I think you really need an engineering degree to put it together.  It took several times of failing and going back and trying something else until finally Kelly and I got it together.

This past week I did a live chat on Facebook about suicide.  I had several of you requesting that I breech this subject so I did.  I am sure I ruffled some feathers and upset some folks but I believe what I said in the chat.  The last time I checked the page had gotten 25 or more views.

If you have a subject you want me to talk about in my chats just drop me a line and I will try to fit it in.  Try to stay away from the issues that cause people to get upset about.  I got a few more requests but they are issues that cause people to fight and I am staying away from politics on my chats.

I want to thank those of you who have made requests and maybe at a later time I will talk about those subjects but just not at this time.  Please send in some more as I love to hear from you.  You can write me at

Sorry if you don’t have Facebook as the chats are on Facebook live and I do not post them anywhere else.  I appreciate those of you who visit my blog and read it regularly.   

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