Doing What Is Right

Two boys were walking down the street and they noticed that the door to a store had been left unlocked.  The one boy suggested they go in and look around as it wasn’t breaking in because the door was open.  The other boy already had decided that if an opportunity to do something that was wrong came up he would not yield to the temptation.  He walked on while his friend chose to enter the store.  As he looked around he went over to the cash register and pushed a button and it opened.  It was full of money and so he chose to take a few bills.  In the meanwhile someone had noticed the door was left open and they called the police.  Just as the boy got to the door they arrived.  Needless to say he was caught with the goods in his pocket.  This boy who chose to not do right grew up and spent much of his life in prison.  The other young boy grew up to be a preacher.  It pays to do right.

Many years ago I made decisions that has affected my life.  I chose never to drink or smoke and so when the opportunity arose I refused as I already had purposed in my heart how I would respond.  I am not perfect but each day I must purpose in my heart to not do wrong.

Daniel in the Bible will be remembered for many things but the one thing that he will be remembered for most is the fact that he did what was right on purpose.  Some might say that they remember the lion’s den.  Well, he was in the lion’s den because he did right but God protected him in the lion’s den.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing right and protected by God than wrong and without His protection?

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