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Five People Who Had An Impact On My Life

I am writing my blog about five people who have impacted my life. I am not putting them in any special order so please don’t think that because they are listed first or last makes them better or worse. They all had an impact on my life and I greatly appreciate their input into my l

Dr. Jim Delashmat was my mentor and he had a great impact on my life. He spend a great deal of time with me and helped me get ready for the ministry. He took me to Pastor Meetings and he took me with him when he preached revivals. He spent a great deal of time helping prepare me for the ministry. He has since gone on to Heaven but we will meet again there.

My Dad, Rev. Samuel J. Martin, Sr. has also had a great impact on my life. He has been my number one call I would make when I was going through a tough situation during my years in the ministry. He always gave me sound advice and I always will appreciate the time he has sacrificed for me. The number one advice I will always remember that he gave me was, “Just do right”.

Kelly Martin my wife has had a great impact on me as well. She believed in me when many had given up on me. She never compromised and her character was at the top of the list. She knows all my faults and she still loves me. She has help me succeed in many areas and for that I greatly appreciate her. She has sacrificed for me beyond what a wife should and I love her very much.

Clyde Martz, my friend and spiritual brother. Clyde helped me through some of the most difficult years of my life. He never looked down on me and was always willing to sacrifice when it was needed. Many of my years at Baraboo he was there for me when others had more important things to do.

Mike McVey, was a Deacon at Pleasant View and he died of cancer while I was Pastor. For years while he was under treatment for his cancer he showed great character in teaching the adult class and teaching me some very important lessons. He was a Deacon who had real character and lived what he believed. He was a great example of a Christian to those who knew him. He died on my birthday and he made a big mark in my life. If other people had the faith that he had they could move great spiritual mountains and do great things.

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