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A Story Of An Almost Abduction

Brad was a lonely kid who thought he was smart and that nothing  could harm him.  One day he was out walking down the street and a car drove up and offered him a ride.  He told the man that he didn’t need a ride that he liked to walk.

The man told him that he had lost his dog and was looking for someone to help him find him.  Brad asked him what kind of dog was it.  The man told him it was a chocolate lab puppy. 

Brad told the man I am not supposed to get in cars with people I don’t know.  The man said well then can you meet me at the park down the road and help me look for my puppy?  Brad said sure!

The man said I will meet you down at the park.  Okay?  Brad said sure and the man drove off in the car.

Brad ran home and told his mother.  His mother called the police and the police came over and went with Brad and his mother to the park.

When they got there the man was over by a bench waiting for Brad.  Brad pointed out the man to the police and the police went over to the bench where the man was.

When the man saw the police with Brad and his mother he began to run.  The police ran after the man and finally they knocked him down and they put cuffs on him.

The man was mad and asked what he did wrong.  And the police told him they were just checking out a complaint when he started to run.  They asked him why he was running if he didn’t do anything.

The man told them he was afraid of police and when he saw them with Brad and his mother he was afraid.

The police took the man back to the police department for questioning.  After they did a background check they found out that he had a record as a child predator.

Brad mother filed a complaint and so they arrested the man for attempted kidnaping. 

This is a story about an incident that ended well.  Not all incidents have a good ending.  Parents need to warn their children and grandchildren to not talk to strangers and to run back to their house when a stranger tries to talk to them.

Many children have been abducted because a child was too trusting.  

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