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Why do people seek revenge and do nasty things to people to get back at them? Is it the need for them to vent and get their anger out?

When I get mad I vent with words. I don’t let air out of people car tires or mess with their campers. A while back I had someone get mad at me and they attacked me by pulling the brake safety lock on my camper. When we left on our camping trip the wheels wouldn’t turn and they were smoking. I stopped at the fire station and one of the firemen found the problem. Someone had taken my camper brake switch and pulled it out and wedged it in a spot near where it was supposed to be plugged so it looked like it was plugged in. That stupid revenge could have cause an accident. I believe the same man got revenge on me by going into the church when I was Pastor and turning the heat on during the summer and turning faucets on to run the water bill up. What brings a person to this point that they must seek revenge?

I would think there would be better ways to fix the problem. We could go out behind the barn and knock each other around but that really isn’t the answer.

I tried talking with this man and reasoning with him but he was so bitter and angry about something that he felt he had done so he sought revenge. He ended up attacking others in the church who defended me and finally he did some stupid things that caused him to leave the church because he embarrassed himself.

I wrote about a bad experience I had in a restaurant and I told you how I wrote to management and complained. I didn’t go out and take a key to the side of the waitress’ car or let air out of her tires. How could that correct the problem?

I just remember an incident that happened to me when I was living in Round Lake. This is a story some of you won’t believe but I will share it as it happened many years ago and most of the folks who were involved are no longer around.

The Pastor of the church I was attending got angry at me and he decided he was going to have me voted out of the church. I had stopped attending because of the problem between us but during a revival he announced they were going to have a special meeting to vote me out. Someone who knew me, knew I had left but they thought I should know about it so they called me and told me about it.

I decided that if I was going to be voted out I was going to go and face my accuser. He didn’t know I was coming and he thought it would be an easy in and out business meeting. I thought since they were having a revival meeting I should attend their service and not just the business meeting.

After the service he instructed all the members to remain. Since I was a member I stayed and he tried to remove me but several other members reminded him I was still a member until the vote was taken.

The evangelist told him I had a right to speak in my own defense. So he let me speak and then he said we aren’t voting to keep him we are voting to remove him. Anyone who stands with him will be removed next.

They took the vote and I was voted out by a small margin. Many didn’t vote and those who did were afraid. After the vote I got up and walked out to my car. Many talked to me on my way out and they said they were sorry but they were afraid. I didn’t know this until several weeks later but some who stood for me moved out of state during the cover of night.

Several weeks after the vote he came to my apartment and told me to leave town or else there would be trouble.

The next morning my car wouldn’t start. My spark plug wires were taken. I called the police and a neighbor told the police that they saw this Pastor out by my car that night.

They found my spark plug wires in his car and the police talked him into giving them back and paying to have them put back on. He told the police “he was helping God punish me”.

Needless to say I decided I was not going to hang around there and have my family get hurt, so we moved.

To make a long story short, God took care of the problem and he got what he deserved. I took no revenge but God made him pay.

Several years later the evangelist who was at that meeting where I got voted out visited me in Baraboo. He had been looking for me and when he heard where I was he drove several 100 miles because he wanted to make things right with me. God knows better than we do so let Him take care of these trouble makers.

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